The Benefits of Cycling to Work

Cycling to work is becoming increasingly popular with more and more people ditching the car. An increasing number of employers are also incentivising beating the commute by travelling to work on a bicycle. The benefits of going to work via bicycle are endless:

Feel Happier

Exercise is well known stress buster. If you want to make sure that your mental health is somewhat improved, it may be advisable to ditch the car and get on your bike. Improving our mental health is important. So many people have stressful, and demanding, jobs that they can scarcely cope with. If you want to improve your emotional well-being, you may want to get on your bike and ride to work.

Be Fitter

Finding the time to implement an exercise regime with our busy lives can be difficult. Riding your bike to work ensures that you are getting the 30 minutes of exercise, per day, that your body needs to remain fit and healthy more at

Travel For Less

With the rising cost of petrol, travelling to work by bicycle is becoming increasingly popular for the savvy commuter. Petrol and parking can cost a small fortune when driving into the office every day. Cycling cuts these costs down, thus enabling you to make significant savings.

Miss the Traffic

Many people feel harassed, stressed and enraged by the traffic that is prevalent on the UK roads. If you cycle to work you are missing the traffic, getting plenty of fresh air and making sure that your mental health remains intact.